Where to shop....

 Be on Top of the World, enjoy a world class view, and shop 

at the Top of the World Trade Center, Inner Harbor.  

"What could be more Baltimore than a painted screen, hon?"
Buy  a wide variety of Anna's hand-painted window screen art at  the Top of the World and at special events where we have a blast 
painting the town!

For the holidays and beyond! 

Dec 2 - Jan 31, 2015 

Crystal Moll Gallery's Best of 2014 Baltimore Show. 

World's only SEE-THROUGH window screen table-top/wall art show and sale at 1030 S. Charles St, Federal Hill.

You can buy prints of Anna's screen paintings online at Artist Rising.com.

Anna's Painted Screens now accepts PayPal! 
Gift certificates are now available on-line too! 

First, be sure to Contact Anna to discuss your design and get a personal price quote before you buy!

See tips on How to Order your screen painting.

 It's all custom work regardless of the design you choose. 


Sizes:Traditional window screen painting (Cottage or lighthouse)
Sizes:Traditional painting on screens totaling 13 to 22 sq ft
Discounted pricing on traditional screens totaling 23-60 sq ft


Sizes: Personalized design on your screen (your subject choice)
Sizes:Personalized design on screens totaling 13 to 22 sq ft
Discounted pricing on personalized screens totaling 23-60 sq ft


Optional Services

Ask Anna about special pricing for services such as painting custom interior art, re-screening, or scheduling pick-up/delivery.

Optional services, such as re-screening windows



 Give someone special an authentic screen painting but let them decide which window they’d like it in and choose their personalized design. GIFT CERTIFICATES are available upon request.

   A personalized window screen painting makes the perfect gift for the person who appreciates useful and unique folk art. Better yet, its clutter-free, requires no dusting or cleaning, and can be shared with friends in the neighborhood!

More Gift Ideas....  

NEW See-thru ScReEN aRt for Wall or desk-top

 Very cool and different! 

Display indoors but view like a real window screen painting!

See more one-of-a-kind hand-painted gifts below. Remarkably reasonably priced, most under $65! Call or email for availability.


Call or email to order your custom screens!


See more gift ideas here.


Made to order, custom design, adjustable "slider" screens fit most double hung windows


Custom painted wire mesh waste cans.

Limited Editions for the holidays. Please inquire about availability.

 The Bromo Tower Pop-Up shop has been closed all year, but...

"When one door closes,

expect another one to open."


Many thanks to Betsy and the

Shop at the Bromo Tower 

for your support of local arts...

hope to visit you at the

Top of the World!




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