Go GREEN with a Painted Screen  

      on nice days

     cut off that AC

 open up those windows

  show off your beautiful painted screens

 save energy

    save money

             and reduce your

 carbon footprint


no cost tips to save on your heating and cooling bills

You can save $$ money $$ on your energy bills simply by opening and closing your windows, curtains, drapes and blinds at the appropriate times of the day. These sensible tips are especially helpful the Mid-Atlantic region of the USA.


Keep your house cooler by closing your windows early in the morning to keep the heat out; and by opening your windows if the outside temperature is cooler than the inside of your house.  

1.       Open windows on summer evenings when its cooler out than in, provided the humidity is tolerable.

2.       If they’re calling for hot daytime temperatures, be sure to close the windows at sunrise to keep the cool night air inside your home.

3.       Timing is everything. You must be one step ahead of the morning sun and hold off till the evening temperatures drop  to get the maximum benefit  of the inside/outside temperature differential.

4.       Your painted screens act as solar screens to keep your house cooler. They reflect some of the hot sunshine that would enter your house, whether your windows are open or closed. They reduce the amount of sunlight that heats up your glass windows.  Energy saving U-values of painted window screens is variable and has not yet been determined.  http://www.ehow.com/how_4429815_energy-solar-window-screens-film.html


Save heat by closing shady northern exposure blinds, drapes and curtains, both day and night.

By day, let solar power heat your home.  By night, seal the daytime heat inside.

1.       During sunny daytime hours, open curtains and blinds on all sunny southern exposure windows to let the warm sun in to heat your rooms.  You will feel the difference.

2.       Before the sun goes down and before it stops shining brightly on your windows, close your blinds and drapes to retain the heat from the daytime sun.

3.       Again, timing is the key to maximize the benefits of the solar power.  

4.       Saving energy by adjusting your drapes and blinds will still work even if you have new thermal windows.

5.       As a bonus, if you keep your painted screens in your windows year-round, they will maintain your privacy and keep outsiders from seeing in! http://www.buildinggreen.com/live/index.cfm/2009/1/20/How-Window-Screens-Affect-Winter-Fuel-Use-in-Heating-Climates

spring and fall

Adjust windows, blinds, and drapes accordingly.

1.       Close windows when it’s more comfortable inside than outside.

2.       Open windows if it’s more comfortable outside than inside.

Open your windows on nice pollen-free days to enjoy the fresh air.

Painted screens are highly functional and aesthetically striking any time of year!

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