Original Objets d'Art

framed screen art, fireplace screens, Christmas ornaments, shelf sitters, paperweights, adjustable window screens, fly swatters, bracelets, painted screen patio chairs, and more.... 

No window to display an original hand-painted old fashioned Baltimore Screen? 

Framed table-top miniature screens can be custom painted for you to hang on a wall or sit on a desk, mantle, or end-table.

Buy select screen art at various shops and festivals. 

 Miniature red-roof cottage screens in vintage doors & picture frames




winter fireplace screens

A painted fireplace screen with a winter snow scene or any other design can be painted for you by special order.

Custom framed art 

View pricing and frame choices here

New "See-thru" wall and desk-top window screen art mimics real windows!  


painted patio sling chairs

by Anna Pasqualucci and John Oktavec

by special order, availability is limited


NEW!!! Wearable Screen Art Bracelets!!! 

Wrist Bands - Painted Screen Bracelets by Monica Broere


painted screen paint can Christmas tree ornaments


paperweights (sorry, currently out of stock)



adjustable fly screens for spring and summer




miniature painted window screens and earring holders


  miniature windows and doors boast tiny hand-painted screens just like the real thing          these limited editions are just under 8 inches high.  no two are alike

only a few are left, $20 to $30

 dresser top earring holders with traditional bucolic scenes or lighthouses  $15



screen painting takes on a new dimension as sculptured art

 The traditional bucolic cottage scene (above) takes on a new dimension - SOLD

Screen meets nature in Sunset Face (below) - SOLD


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